Linguistic Support Services for Translation Companies

Wouldn’t it be nice to work with a translation partner that understands the industry, but doesn’t believe their way is the only way of doing things? We know that other LSC’s have their workflows, their tools and their best-practices.  We want to work your way to make the choice to use MontLingo a no-brainer.

What’s more is that MontLingo focuses on interoperability and we’ll ensure our tech plays nicely with your tech.

MontLingo offers services that support content creation and professional translation to ensure that our all clients are well taken care of. Whether you need linguistic support through translation or other related services, MontLingo can help. And the plus, is we know translation, so no silly questions. We’ll just get right to it.

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Linguistic Support Services for Translation Companies

We recommend that should you not see the service listed below, simply ask. We’ll be happy to accommodate if we can. Otherwise, we have a list of partners which will likely be able to help us help you.


MontLingo works with others LSCs as a partner with respect to whatever their language needs entail. 100% of our LSC clients use MontLingo for English to French (Canadian or otherwise) translation services and French to English translation services to support their clients. Many still use other languages offered by MontLingo. Need a partner that understands you? You’ve come to the right place.

Localization (L10N)

One aspect of localization is the act of rendering a translation for a specific locale or dialect. This is to say, translating French for France or Québec for example. There is also another aspect of localization which is “software” localization, which is the act of translating a software into 1 or more languages. MontLingo is experienced in both forms of localization.

App Translation

App Translation is becoming increasingly important in today’s mobile world. Luckily, MontLingo can help in this area, using years of experience in software localization to render the process smooth and efficient. The end result of course is a perfectly translated app, growing your business, increasing brand recognition for the whole world to use and enjoy.


Adaptation is a recognized practice of what may be considered “free-translation”. Ultimately, the translator will respect the intent, message and meaning of the original source text but is free to alter or “adapt” the translation to be more relevant to a specific audience. Often cultural references in the source text need to be adapted so that the target audience can better relate to the text.


All content that is produced or translated at MontLingo is revised. In all cases, more than once. That being said, there are times when you may require something to be professionally revised. Whether it be packaging, a publication or simply a letter to customers. MontLingo offers revision services for those times where another pair of eyes is best.

Desktop Publishing

Desktop Publishing, otherwise known as DTP, is really all about laying out your content properly. Whether for print or online use, Desktop Publishing ensures that your documents are professionally “designed”. Post-Translation DTP ensures that the original design is preserved while “adjusting” the layout to accommodate the flux in content length, otherwise known as text expansion.


MontLingo understands that making ongoing translation requests can become a mundane task. When you’re looking for a secure, streamlined process integrated with your CMS or other platforms, we have the solution. MontLingo aims to automate the early and final stages of a project, such as file submission and delivery, leaving more time for our translators to work on your content.

TM Tune Up

When we inherit translation memories from other vendors, we often need to be careful of integrity of the received linguistic assets. MontLingo will tackle the task of diving in and ensuring the TM and all of it’s contents, no matter the language, are sound. That is to say, a functional TM, with accurate and quality translations for you, your client or your team to use.

Dispute Resolution

Stuck in the middle of a client/vendor dispute? MontLingo understands that from time to time LSCs get dinged with complaints and need to defend themselves against losing customers. Sometimes customers have a lapse of faith and need to justify that you are in fact delivering top-notch language work. MontLingo reviews and evaluates the comments, the source and target document to provide an impartial assessment.

Terminology Mining

MontLingo understands that terminology is key for making any project a success. Often while you’re busy getting your team together or prepping the project, it would be convenient to have a team dedicated to getting the project’s terminology in order prior to kick-off. That way, no matter the language, you can rest assured that your terminology is reliable.

White labeled

Project Management

MontLingo understand that sometimes, you may need a project manager but may not necessarily have the time to train them or even manage them. MontLingo offers white labeled project management services to ensure you can get everything you need managed without the worry of actually onboarding resources, saving time and money.

Francisation Consulting

Québec Language Laws

Knowing exactly how to conform to Québec language laws is one of the challenges that international or out of province companies face when looking to conduct or promote their services and products in Québec. MontLingo helps companies and other LSC’s navigate the nuanced waters of things like francisation laws, packaging requirements and adhering to the Office de la langue française’s terminology preferences.

MTPE (Machine Translation Post Editing)

It’s more and more common to have integrated MT solutions in today’s linguistic and translation workflows. And with that, the need to have resources to perform post-editing on machine translated content is also becoming more important. Trust MontLingo to perform your machine translation post-editing to ensure human level translation quality through our internal professional translators.