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MontLingo offers content creation services for those who’ve got content on the brain. Whether a start-up, a small-medium size enterprise or a national or global corporation, finding time and the resources to create engaging content can be a challenge.

At MontLingo, we use professional copywriters specialized in the area you need. Need a blog post, a press-release, a message regarding sensitive topics or scheduled outages? We’ve got the copywriter to craft your content.

We start by speaking with you about your requirements such as style and target audience(s). Should you need something authored in English, French, Spanish, Farsi or any one of our other supported 150 languages, we’re ready to help.

To start, use the form at the right of the page or email us through the link below to let us know what you’d like and we’ll get back to you within 1 business hour.

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Oh, and if you’d like the content we created professionally translated into virtually any other language, just let us know. We’re also a reputed  professional translation service company located in Montreal.

Professional Writers

Having professional writers put your ideas and objectives into words is a beautiful thing. We work with you to fully understand the scope of what you’re trying to achieve and set out to create engaging content. We can work independently rendering content as a single deliverable, or we can work with you, helping you conceive your content strategy. One thing is for certain, we’re here to help.

Content creation in 150 languages

One definitely unique aspect of MontLingo, is that we have the ability to not only translate into 150 languages, but we have the ability and resources to author your content in 150 languages. That’s huge! What’s more is that the in-country copywriters ensure that cultural sensitivities, gimmics and delivery are adapted to local culture and audience. This results in successful content.

Ready for Translation

MontLingo also offers professional translation services. One of the perks of MontLingo is that the content we develop for you or your clients, is translation-friendly. We understand the intricacies of translation and so avoid any potential problem areas when drafting your content. That said, should you want to have the content translated, the way in which we author will save you money on translation.

Authoring Platforms

MontLingo appreciates that not everyone works in MS Word to create content. No matter what platform you use, MontLingo can accommodate it, whether Adobe InDesign, MS Word, Open Office, Adobe FrameMaker, etc. We want to ensure that the platform in which we create your content will be useful to you after we’ve delivered the final product. And we do that, by giving you the source files. 

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