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Our service areas

MontLingo is a premier web content, social media and professional translation service company located on Montréal’s south-shore. Specialized in content creation and professional translation services, MontLingo is a single stop for all content related needs from single-language press releases to international collateral professionally translated for your target audience.



Traditional Human Translation Services done by professional translators so that your content is well received by your target audience.


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Web Content

Authoring content for your online presence, whether it be for your website, your social media accounts, your drip campaigns, blogs, press releases and more…


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Social Media

Social Media Management services include the management of your social media accounts, content authoring and pushed content.


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LSC Linguistic Support

Linguistic support provides translation services for other language services companies looking to expand their resources or current language offering.


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What’s different about MontLingo?

MontLingo is a multilingual content provider. We manage the content cycle for you to ensure streamlined, cost-effective content production, professional translation and scheduled publication.

MontLingo has taken the initiative to collectively provide those content services that are often fragmented. Content seekers tend to have material authored, translated and published, be it online or through traditional media, by separate entities, creating bottle necks, coordination headaches and a loss of overall coherency and efficiency.

Currently, although getting better, much content create, professional translation and social media management are performed in separate silos and in mostly sequential workflows.

MontLingo focuses on providing content creation, professional translation and social media management using collaborative methods.

MontLingo offers different ways of working with you. Each benefiting different scenarios. Please browse our plans or should you have an interest in learning more, please contact us.

I have the utmost trust in MontLingo and their abilities to deliver.


Service overview

Content Creation Services

  • copywriting
  • blog posts
  • social media content
  • news posts
  • press releases (optimized)
  • search engine optimized (SEO) content
  • technical manuals
  • articles
  • website content
  • product descriptions
  • slogans
  • marketing campaign content
  • marketing collateral
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Professional Translation Services

By language
  • english to french translation
  • english to spanish translation
  • english to dutch translation
  • english to portuguese translation
  • english to german translation
  • english to italian translation
  • english to arabic translation
  • english to chinese translation
  • english to japanese translation
  • english to russian translation
  • english to icelandic translation
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LSC Linguistic Support

Other Services
  • Localization (Software)
  • Localization (Locale)
  • App Translation
  • Adaptation
  • Revision
  • Desktop Publishing
  • Integrations (CMS – APIs)
  • Consulting (process and technology)
  • TM Tune Up
  • Independent Revision (unbiased 3rd party)
  • Terminology Mining and Management
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