Web Content Creation, Social Media and
Professional Translation Specialists

A refreshing new approach to working with Web content creation, Social Media and professional translation services to achieve your business content strategy.

MontLingo is professional translation, social media and content creation.

MontLingo is a full-service content service provider, offering web content creation, professional translation, social media management and linguistic support services.

MontLingo has taken the initiative to collectively provide those content services that are often fragmented. Content seekers tend to have material authored, translated and published, be it online or through traditional media, by separate entities, creating bottle necks, coordination headaches and a loss of overall coherency and efficiency.

MontLingo provides all content services under 1 roof. We manage the content cycle for you to ensure streamlined, cost-effective content production, professional translation and scheduled publication.

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Why MontLingo?

Founded by Bryan Montpetit, a translation industry executive with over 15 years experience, MontLingo takes a refreshing new approach to all content-related services, from content creation, professional translation and social media management services while focusing on stellar customer service.

After years of consulting, conference speaking, being involved in standards committees, association boards and working in positions of influence for top translation technology and service providers, Bryan decided to create MontLingo to serve end-clients directly while helping other Language Services Companies because of a simple belief that it can (and should) be done better.

MontLingo focuses on  proven communication processes, automation, leading technology platforms and solid resources to ensure project success.

What we do. Professional Translation, Social Media and Content Creation

MontLingo knows that many organizations struggle to keep up with the necessity of producing engaging content to communicate with their target audience. The task is magnified when this content needs to be distributed globally.

Now with a world run by apps and social media, the content paradox is a reality. More global access, more languages, more circulation of generic content, but less actual communication and less authentic content. The same often yields true for Search Engine Optimization content, where we have more “optimized” online content optimization but with less substance.

MontLingo understands that quality content is now more important than ever because the content landscape is changing. The way today’s world and our generations are constantly inundated with information forces us to adapt to how we communicate, create and distribute content.

MontLingo creates engaging content in any language in the world, for today’s changing content landscape, whether through copywriting or professional translation services no matter whether the language required is English, French, Spanish, Arabic or any other.

We are your answer to local or global content needs. Professional Translation and Content Creation.

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By bringing together often fragmented services, we can control the entire content cycle and yield better cost-effectiveness and consistency in your content assets.

Bryan MontpetitChief Executive Officer - MontLingo

Content Creation

Professional Translation

Social Media Management

Service overview



Traditional Human Translation Services done by professional translators so that your content is well received by your target audience.


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Web Content

Authoring content for your online presence, whether it be for your website, your social media accounts, your drip campaigns, blogs, press releases and more…


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Social Media

Social Media Management services include the management of your social media accounts, tailored content authoring and pushed content.


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LCS Linguistic Support

Linguistic support provides translation services for other language services companies looking to expand their resources or current language offering.


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