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Content is in today’s day and age, gold. With so much of our personal and professional lives being “connected” and relying on a “search, find and buy” shopper experience, content drives the virtual shopping cart.

A survey by Forbes states that 82% of shoppers research online before buying, with a third of those respondents believing their website brings people to physical stores. Irrespective of whether you have a goods or a service-based business, 82% of consumers performing online research prior to buying (anything) is a big, big number.

What this suggests is that web content, the words which appear on your site and are a major part of Google’s ranking algorithm, is of critical importance to getting potential customers to your website.

So, is throwing a bunch of keywords on your website ok? Well, it’s a little bit more complex than that. There’s a whole slew of protocols and best practices you must respect, to not get your site banned by search engines.

At the core, it all comes down to the legitimacy of your website… and its content, which is why selecting a legitimate content provider is important.

But how do you choose a legitimate content provider?

  • Your content provider should be familiar with SEO best practices if your content is destined for online use;
  • They should provide a project manager to manage the content creation
  • They should understand the use of your SEO objectives, personas and targeted content;
  • They should also produce “original” content. Meaning in short, authored from scratch;
  • They should offer revisions;
  • They should offer interview possibilities with subject matter experts.
  • Some providers offer the management of publishing or pushing the content.
  • You should be able to communicate with the company providing the service. (i.e. not just by email)

Considering what content providers offer, they will unlikely offer this for a few cents a word. So be wary of the cheap, attractive, and shiny deals.

Happy content creation!


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