It's useful to have an impartial, unbiased

Third-party Linguistic Dispute Partner

It's useful to have an impartial, unbiased

Third-party Linguistic Dispute Partner

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What is a Linguistic Dispute Partner?

From time to time, you may receive a translation that someone in your organization (or customer-base) complains about. As if that isn’t bad enough, the issue is compounded when the complaint is regarding a language translation that you unfortunately don’t understand. This is where you need an unbiased, third-party to help assess whether mistakes were actually made. This helps everyone understand if someone’s preference is causing a little brouhaha.

MontLingo knows that it’s tough to be in a situation where we have no point of reference and must “trust” that everyone is of course being professional.

How it works?

Simply provide MontLingo with the original content and the translation, along with the complaint that was issued. The more information you can provide regarding the translation project helps MontLingo assess the situation.

Then, we go to work. We effectively send the work out to multiple of our in-country professional translators, who work independently from each other, and get back either a full report regarding the overall quality of the delivered translation, or an assessment strictly focusing on the area of the complaint.

Once our professionals have completed the work, we review the assessments. We compile the professional findings from our multiple resources and present them to you. We are even willing to sit in as an unbiased party in your discussions with your translation provider or can present the findings to your language provider should it be required.

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